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Enterprise is supported by scientific and technical innovation to walk into the future

The 2nd Science & Technology Conference of Zhaojin Group was held solemnly
The 2nd Science & Technology Conference of Zhaojin Group was held in Jincheng Hotel on 23 October. More than 180 persons including the first deputy mayor of Zhaoyuan - Xu Linhong, deputy mayor - Li Guangwu, director of science & technology bureau - Sun Zhenshan, management members of Group Company and representatives of all enterprises attended the conference. At the conference, the scientific & technological achievements in all fields made by the Group Company in recent two years were revealed all round, typical experience and typical practices in scientific and technological work of the Group Company were summarized systematically, and general idea and development goals of scientific and technological work of Group Company in the future were fully deployed.
The deputy mayor - Xu Linhong addressed at the conference, he congratulated Zhaojin Group on the holding of science & technology conference, expressed admiration for the achievements made by Zhaojin Group in recent years in respect of scientific & technological innovation, and also encouraged Zhaojin Group to get a clear understanding of the situation, seize historical opportunity as standing on a new starting point, increase investment in science & technology and take scientific & technological innovation as the central link of mode transformation and structure adjustment to realize high-quality & high-efficient development of the enterprise by relying on scientific & technological progress.
The president of Group Company - Lu Dongshang made a report of scientific & technological work at the conference, and advanced collectives and advanced individuals who made significant contribution to the work of scientific and technological innovation in 2009 and 2010 and the members of project team with major scientific and technological achievements were awarded, 6 innovation advanced collectives, 5 major scientific and technological achievement projects and 37 advanced individuals were solemnly commended.
Professor Xue Chunji from China University of Geosciences, Professor Wu Aixiang and Professor Liu Qing from the University of Science and Technology Beijing were also invited to attend the conference and respectively made academic reports, i.e. “Important Types of Super Large Copper & Gold Deposit and Exploitation”, “Mining Status and Technology Frontier of Metal Mine” and “Development on Ore Processing and Smelting Technology of Gold Mine”. Representatives from entities including Zhaojin Mining, Guoda Company, Jinruan Science & Technology and Zhaojin Motian made communication speech on advanced experience and typical practices in scientific & technological work.